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Staging a Home for Sale: One Size Does Not Fit All

Staging a home for sale has been an important part of an overall marketing plan for many years. No doubt that the concept of placing furniture and accessories in a vacant property – or rearranging belongings in an occupied home was influenced largely from millions of HGTV buffs who adore seeing the difference between Before and After. The abundance of online photos has only served to whet the desire for the perfect room.

I wonder (and perhaps wish) that the after effect of all this visual indulgence in décor would result in home buyers with an amplified ability to visualize themselves and their own belongings in someone else’s property. Kind of like working out and building more obvious muscles. But my observation tells me differently. Today’s buyers have an even stronger desire to walk into an environment – either online or in the door- that perfectly reflects their vision of “I could live here”! Without the hassle of remodeling or renovating. Leave that sweat equity for a time-lapsed TV episode, please!

Let’s face it, rearranging or hauling in new furniture, lamps and artwork is a lot of work. We know it’s necessary work, so let’s do it right. I’ve seen many “staged” houses that have the same furniture and often look like a hotel room. Just who is the buyer to whom they are appealing? Buyers are as individual as the houses they look alike. Take your cue from the market that is looking for a home like yours. Don’t be persuaded to neutralize until all the personality has left the room. Your Realtor is the first person to consult before staging. He or she can guide you – to either bring in new gear – or reposition some of your own well-loved possessions. They may be just the thing to show how much your home has been lived in – and loved.


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